How to watch Super Rugby Pacific online in the UK: Now TV with Sky Sports

The best way to watch Super Rugby Pacific is to subscribe to Sky Sports. However, to get this, you’ll need to add Sky Sports (£23/mth) to your existing Sky TV package (see section below). If you don’t have Sky TV, signing up will involve initial setup fees and commitments to long-term contracts. As such, the easiest and cheapest way to watch live streams of the Super Rugby Pacific without committing to any lengthy contracts and set-up fees and is to get a Now TV Sports Pass.

You have two options when subscribing to the Now TV Sky Sports Pass:

  • Now TV Sky Sports Month Pass for £34
  • Now TV Sky Sports Day Pass for £10

These passes give you access to all 11 Sky Sports channels, which means that on top of the Super Rugby Pacific, you can watch the Premier League, Formula One, golf, and even American sports like the NBA and NFL. You can log in to Now TV on up to six devices at the same time. It works on all devices including PCs, mobile phones, tablets, Smart TVs and even gaming consoles.

How to watch Super Rugby Pacific on TV in the UK: Sky Sports

If you’re subscribed to Sky, then you’ll need to add Sky Sports to your existing package. This currently costs £23/mth on an 18-month contract, but you get access to a variety of sports including football, cricket, golf and basketball.

If you already have a Sky subscription, then you’re also entitled to a Sky Go account, which gives you access to Sky Sports, Sky Movies and other top channels such as Sky One and Sky Atlantic on devices besides your TV, along with Sky’s excellent catch-up and on-demand service.

There is a catch, however: Sky Go limits you to three devices, and you can only watch one of these at any one time. If you subscribe to Sky Go Extra, however, you can register up to four devices.

This costs £5 extra on top of your Sky Go subscription. You can add and remove one device each calendar month, so if you’re likely to be following the action on multiple devices, make sure you’ve planned in advance which ones you’re likely to be using at any given time.

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